Kitchen | Tailoring | Juice Bar | Water Project

Under the auspices of the SSSEWWT, a multi-faceted program flourished which trained village women in professional skills, in order to be self-sufficient. However, because of recent legal changes to the regulations governing trusts in India, only the charitable work (medical camps, sanitation, scholarships and charitable give-aways) continues with SSSEWWT. All the other work, which is non-profit but nonetheless involves commercial activity incidental to the training work, now comes under the umbrella of the new Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust – Women’s Division. This includes the kitchen, tailoring, juice bar and water project.


The kitchen, part of the village women empowerment project now under the Sadhana Trust-Women’s Division, makes several items of snack foods every day, to be sold inside the ashram. Hundreds of these are made every day, and during festivals, thousands. These delicious and hygienically prepared snacks are eagerly consumed by devotees and visitors.


Various tailoring projects have run under the village women empowerment program, including alterations, western-style clothing, accessories, embroidery, large orders (e.g, school uniforms), and special orders, such as making flags for the opening ceremonies of the indoor stadium, and draperies for festivals in Sai Kulwant Hall.

Juice Bar

A juice bar was added to the projects under the village women empowerment program, and this too has moved to the Sadhana Trust, like the other projects. The juice bar serves fresh chilled fruit juices and snacks.

Water Project

Also a part of the SSSEWWT projects which has moved over to the Sadhana Trust – Women’s Division, the Water Project continues to produce high quality drinking water for the use of ashram residents, visitors, and staff.