Your Thoughts about Swami’s Teachings on Women

Sai Ram!

We are sending out a call for Sai devotees to contribute their thoughts about Swami’s teachings on women.

For Ladies Day 2013, there was a panel discussion on this topic. We would like to continue the momentum of the panel topic by posting on the SSSEWWT website, and later collecting into an e-book format (possibly also print), a wider collection of responses to one of the questions the panel responded to:

In your personal/professional life, which of Bhagavan’s teachings on women appealed to you the most? Explain precisely. Please share stories/examples/experiences to illustrate.

Please send us your thoughts on this in a few paragraphs. You can respond on the SSSEWWT website, where the question is posted: here

This is an open invitation. Please share this with your Sai friends and ask them to help us, too.

  • Length: one paragraph to one page.
  • Kindly email or post responses to Once submitted, these will be copyright SSSEWWT.
  • Responses from men also welcomed.