Mother and Child Project

  • Sri Sathya Sai Easwaramma Women’s Welfare Trust Annual Report 2016

    “Give them God in the form of food. Give them God in the form of clothes. Give them God in the form of peace to those who are afflicted with anxiety. Give God in the form of medicine to those who are afflicted with ill-health” – Baba

    Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba inaugurated the Easwaramma Women's Welfare Project, devoted to the spiritual, moral and social uplift of all rural women wi... Read More >>

  • Mother and Child Program Update for 2013

    The core effort of the Sri Sathya Sai Easwaramma Women’s Welfare Trust has been sending out mobile medical teams to the villages every month for the past eight years.  The number of villages served in this way has grown from two in the first month to a total of 126.

    New Model of Service Delivery

    To date there have been 1,299 of these medical camps.  Curren... Read More >>

  • Medical Camp Update 2014

    A Visitor’s Observations of a SSSEWWT Medical Camp, Part 1

    A graduate of Anantapur who now lives in the US and works as a hospital administrator, our observer was interested to visit a SSSEWWT medical camp. Here is the first part of her observations, informed by her work in the medical field and volunteering with NGO’s.

    After going to the camp my impressions were that it was well-coordinated; it is responsive to the needs of... Read More >>

  • Mother and Child Project

    The Mother and Child Project offers free prenatal and postnatal care to women, along with immunization and medical care for infants and very young children, in the villages of Sathya Sai mandal. Once a month, teams consisting of doctors, medical technicians and sevadals, from all over Andrah Pradesh trek down the narrow bumpy roads to remote villages, along with a fully equipped "Mother and Child" ambulance provided by Bhagavan. Women receive on-going medical ... Read More >>

  • Medical Camps

    The Easwaramma Women's Welfare Trust continues with the program of monthly medical camps. Presently we serve 30 villages.

    The doctor who directs our medical camps reflected over the almost four years of these EWWT medical camps. "There have been many changes as a result of these camps. The women understand so much better about the importance of prenatal care, and cleanliness and hygiene. Before our camps, they were afraid of immunizations. Now they come and ask us ... Read More >>