Medical Camp Update 2014

A Visitor’s Observations of a SSSEWWT Medical Camp, Part 1

A graduate of Anantapur who now lives in the US and works as a hospital administrator, our observer was interested to visit a SSSEWWT medical camp. Here is the first part of her observations, informed by her work in the medical field and volunteering with NGO’s.

After going to the camp my impressions were that it was well-coordinated; it is responsive to the needs of the people being served; it is well stocked and the operations are smooth, and the staff is competent, invested and eager to serve. I felt their eagerness and genuineness in the way they were talking to people. They treated everyone with respect. They did not seem to get tired or impatient or upset with the people or the conditions. They were educating each person who came in.

I really felt the goals were being met 100%. Whatever is being done is on target.

To continue with my impressions, the villagers being served really accept the service. I have seen the problems NGO’s face in these villages, and it was clear these SSSEWWT medical camps are well known, accepted, trusted and well received by the villagers. The villagers are coming to the camps willingly and are compliant with whatever they are being told. I cannot really compare these camps with NGO efforts, because the feeling toward Swami, the love and trust on both sides, makes this effort so different. There is a deep-seated conviction by the sevaks that ‘I have to do this’, a drive to serve. Sai devotees are not asking anything in return.

All the people who are serving have such purity of demeanor. I watched them very closely. There was no harshness, there was no ‘I have to get this done and go’. I could feel how genuine they were. I was very touched. It makes me a little emotional actually – I could feel Swami’s work in their actions. And in the people who come, as well. It was very healing for me as well.

This is good work. I plan to go back and talk to my Sai Center and see if there is something like this we can do.