Mother and Child Paediatrics

The Paediatric section of the medical camps is always very well-attended, and usually outnumbers the Obstetrics section. For Paediatric care, the doctors and nurses have extended their care beyond infants to young children above the age of one year. Both mothers and children are weighed at the camps and the head circumference of infants is recorded to double-check for normal development. Vitamin and mineral supplements are distributed to both mothers and infants. Immunisations for the infants were done in these camps for two years. It is now done by the Government Public Health Service in a coordinated effort with the camps. However, the camp doctors advise the mothers about the immunisations required, then follow up and record them in the camp medical records.



Infants in special care situations such as twins, premature babies, and those with mild development delay are being followed up with through the camps. Babies identified with congenital heart disease and those who had problems during birth are also being followed up with to detect early disability and are referred for treatment when necessary.

Medical Give Aways 2019


Patients are provided with

  • Baby blanket and baby kits (2 jabalas, 2 cloth diapers, baby sweaters, bibs and cap) – first visit of the newborn
  • Sai Protein Mix – every visit
  • Medicines – every visit