Your Opinion - June 2010

How can women contribute their energy to improve humanity and the world?

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  • SaravananGayathri,Namakkal wrote on 01/11/11 8:18am

    'Love','Education','Meditation', if these are all available in women, automatically improve 'world and humanity'. So these are all available in "Bagwan's principles".So Every one follow these...............Om Sri Sathya Sai Bagwan hi J..........>

  • SaravananGayathri,Namakkal wrote on 01/11/11 8:01am

    'Love" only one of Mother,'My bagawan Sri sathya sai" only one of the best mother of humans and all things in world.

  • Gayathrisaravanan wrote on 01/11/11 7:53am

    'Om sri sai ram" never any one without this.

  • tejaswini wrote on 08/17/10 12:28am

    Women plays an important role in developing a child.

  • Meera wrote on 07/15/10 10:10pm

    It lies in the hands of a mother how she brings up a child

  • Sue wrote on 06/16/10 1:34am


    I like your idea. Can you say some more about this, like some examples of how to promote peace and cooperation in our communities? Have you seen any particular project that works well?

  • Laksha wrote on 06/08/10 11:46am

    Women should take more active roles in their communities to promote peace and cooperation.

  • Kala wrote on 06/08/10 2:59am

    I think women could help best by always trying to help others and not do anything in word or action to harm others.

  • Lakshmi wrote on 06/08/10 2:56am

    I agree, harmony is key. The way to do this is to understand and adjust with others. And don't say anything too soon! Reflect for a long time first.

  • Jayanthi wrote on 06/06/10 9:51am

    We could help the world by improving harmony.

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