Your Opinion - May 2011

How can we help women to have self-confidence?

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  • Ingrid Pollard wrote on 05/11/11 12:31pm

    Very beautifully written. Thanks for the message from Swamiji Neisha!

  • Neisha Mulchan-Ramdat wrote on 05/11/11 1:43am

    A woman can imbibe and exude a sense of self-confidence when the barriers of discrimination, abuse, fear, dependance and degradation are demolished internally and externally. We can tell and talk but words mean very little and serve no one when there continues to be oppression in the home environment. In order to foster self-confidence a woman must be saturated and bathed in holistic wellness, in self assuredness, in tolerance and acceptance. Self-Confidence is a state of mastery of the senses that are attached to negative experience, pain, fear and suffering. Remove the impact of those experiences or at least the legacy of those expereinces and the woman will no longer be a sum of the memories that negate her confidence. Remove the tentacles that bind her senses to a feeling of worthlessness and teach her to reach out her arms, to trust, to accept and to be accepted. Give her value and show her that a womans value is to journey towards atmic principle and mergence with the divine, and becasue she is shakti, she has only to open her eyes to the divine within to begin to free herself from those chains that have bound her to expectations, caste, ritual, abuse, anger, and neglect. I am a strong educated woman but does my self confidence stand just as strong? NO, I was subject to the ties that bind, to self criticism and self depravation becasue I have been told that is all I am worthless so no matter my achievements I was insecure. One day I woke up with Swami telling me yet again in my dreams that you are me and I am you; if I am divinity incarnate and you are part of me; then can you be worthless? If you continue to separate yourself from me and live in duality then, you exist in the maya of faithlessness therefore you can never live in confidence or self-awareness. You must surrender and believe in our unity and being secure in our oneness, NO one can harm you ever again; because you are premaswarupa, atman! O, woman LOVE yourself for you are ME!

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