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WomenShare is an outreach by the Easwaramma Trust for networking women's service projects. This can include women's service projects (seva) or service by anyone to women and/or children. We are adding this feature to our website so that people can post descriptions of projects that serve women and children, and network with each other to start similar projects and to troubleshoot with each other any problems that come up in running these projects.

We invite you to read and to send us your project description and experiences to post!

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Ladies' Day 2013

Ladies' Day 2013 was the occasion for a novel approach to festival speakers. SSSEWWT organized a panel discussion of 11 women plus one moderator. In addition to housewives, the women on the panel came from a wide range of professions, including law, university teaching, secondary teaching, physics research, medicine, and EHV teaching to children and to disadvantaged women. The panel addressed in turn the following three questions:

  1. In your personal/professional life, which of Bhagavan’s teachings about women appealed to you the most? Explain precisely.
  2. We can sometimes experience seeming conflicts between Swami’s teachings about the role of women, and our lives in the modern world, or we may feel as if His teachings are not practical for today. One example: motherhood versus career. How have you resolved this (seeming tension) for yourself?
  3. As Sai devotees, how do we balance our roles in the world and work toward spiritual satisfaction? Simply put, spiritually, where do we go from here?

The novelty of this panel approach was well-received, and the topics taken up proved to be popular with the local and global audience.

Child Care

When the women are true and brave, kind and compassionate, virtuous and pious, the world can have an era of peace and joy. ~ Baba

One of the legacies of a post-apartheid South Africa is the beleagured National Healthcare System. It is overwhelmingly understaffed, ill-equipped and overcrowded. Unfortunately the casualties of this kind of situation are the children who, instead of recieving tender loving care, are more often than not sadly neglected.

The Ladies From the Phoenix region led by The National Ladies' Forum Convenor Sr Daya Ramlagan and divinely inspired by our Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, are working with the Child Welfare attached to the Mahathma Ghandi Hospital in Phoenix.

Because of the extreme shortage of provisions in the Hospital, the Ladies have undertaken to make pillows, duvets and children's clothing, like leggings and hats which are presented quarterly to the hospital.

It is hoped that with the Divine Grace of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba this programme will evolve into a Mother and Baby care in the near future to provide holistic prenatal and postnatal care for both the Mother and child.

As Mother Theresa said, "We all cannot do great things but we can all do little things with great love."  Women are naturally imbued with a great capacity for loving unconditionally and being Mothers, this love is not restricted to their own children but is extended to all children regardless of race, color, creed or culture. The Ladies Forum of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of the entire world has a responsibility in that they must leave a legacy that will impact generations to come. And this legacy is a society of morally upright individuals with excellent characters, filled with all the divine and noble virtues of love, peace, truth, right action and non violence. This legacy can start with a single child.

Contact: Savy Ramlall savyr@cinet.co.za

Housecleaning for Purity of the Home

Fatima Nazanin, Iran

First purity, then unity, then divinity. ~ Sathya Sai Baba

With Loving Sai Rams to all mothers, to all women, to all embodiments of love: I would like to share a simple sadhana practiced by my family for the purity of the home.

How can we express the grace of God which is showering us every moment…? But when we do become aware of it, then we will feel its sweet divine taste.

Maybe this short article can be titled, "How to keep the home clean, divinely", through the practice of which we will know how the streams of divinity can cure and heal every aspect of our life. While the ever-shining vibration of Swami unfolds the real meaning of faith, He helps us to use His teachings in ordinary life, and shows us how the vibration of the family and home will change if we do so.

We were born into an Iranian family in which there was always peace, and faith in God. We prayed as Muslims do, frequently and so totally. Such divine vibrations were very helpful to our accepting Swami as the Avatar.

By the grace of God, although we were living in a country with no special Sai center, something like a quantum leap happened for our family with the Avatar: as we know, no matter where we are, the main important point is that our hearts are the holy residence of divinity.

After our acceptance of Swami, the harmony in our home became better, and we began a conscious practice as our sadhana: cleaning the home with consciousness, playing bhajan CDs (instead of just spreading the sound of TV programs and news), using candles and fragrant sticks to help us remember Swami's energy through our breath, practicing feeling God in every being and in objects, and expanding our hearts by forgiving, by loving all, and by serving all -- all of which helps in elevating and enlightening us.

Surprisingly, some of our sick relatives with serious diseases said that they dreamed about or felt a pure healing energy from our home. This happened although they did not know about Swami or our sadhanas at all. Sometimes, the family could also smell a nice divine fragrance like vibhuti in our rooms, or feel Swami's Presence there.

Even as an educated family, we are learning to live our lives by inner feelings,  and to flow with the divine energy we feel in our hearts as we live our daily lives. Sometimes this experience does not overlap with our limited logic power.

When we surrender our mind to God completely, He will take care of us in every way. ~ Sathya Sai Baba

A letter to Ms. Fatima Nazanin
Dear sister, Fatima, Sai Raam I was happy to read your beautiful sharing, and was inspired by it. I love you, and would like to pass on love to your family and all.
Since there is no Sai center in Iran, I felt to write to you – to a messenger of love, kindness, purity, peace and light. Carry on with your sacred way of life.
May He shower His Grace on you more and more. May your house spread divine vibrations more and more for the wellbeing of all.

God Bless you,
Take care,


Ladies Forum Prison Programme

It has always been the intention of the South African Ladies Forum to serve the women prisoners, thereby assisting to some degree their integration back into society. They felt in their heart of hearts that there was a very real need for this. Research has shown that most women who end up in prison are victims of circumstances. Born into extreme poverty and poorly educated, most of them are unable to break the stranglehold that it has on them and a life of crime becomes a natural progression and pretty soon becomes a way of life. This unfortunate legacy is then passed onto their children and so the cycle continues and can sometime spin on forever. Being brought up against a backdrop of violence, degradation, starvation and despair, crime is the only way they know how to survive. But like Swami says in the Sai Chalisa, " Even the laziest....the lowest of the low slowly tread their way towards the glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel. And why not? No one that is born is devoid of that privilege to see the golden light of God."

On the 2nd August, 2010 with the divine Grace of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who always responds to yearnings from a pure heart, this vision became a reality. A team of dedicated Ladies, together with the President of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of South Africa Sr Savy Ramlall, commenced the first Skills/EHV programme at the Westville Prison, Durban.

It must be noted that prior to the commencement of the programme the Ladies had to undergo many weeks of intense training themselves so as to be equipped to handle the many challenges that may arise when dealing with prisoners.

The programme takes place every Monday from 9 .am to 12 .00 noon and there are at present 19 women participating in the programme. They are taught various skills like the making of cooking cushion, cushion covers, aprons, tray cloths and in the next couple of weeks they will also learn to make greeting cards. As much as the programme goes a long way to equipping the women with skills that will assist them with finding employment in the outside world or even self employment, the more important part of the programme is the EHV programme which will go an even longer way in equipping them with coping skills when they eventually come out into the world. This is done through music, movement, silent sitting and drama.


Contact: Savy Ramlall savyr@cinet.co.za

Training Kids at Home

I was thinking the other day that there should be a technique to train my kids at home more about what they learn in class at school. Then it hit me - songs!! Get a tune going round and round in their heads and they will under no circumstances lose it! So I am putting my children's lessons to music.

One problem I have experienced is that most English songs are rather difficult and many times have not very utilitarian lyrics. So I unswervingly write a little song for each of my English games, using to the best of my ability the vocabulary my children and I already know.

Contact: Jemgulsecisee aaa.prome@gmail.com

Serving formerly homeless women and their children in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

In May, 2006, a project was started in St. Louis to help homeless women. A needs assessment was done, and based on this, these services were provided to empower the women and make them better able to become self-sufficient:

  • Tutoring for the high school equivalent diploma (GED)
  • Workshops on appropriate business attire, etiquette, and resume writing; enhancing computer skills, personal finance, organizational skills; health and healthy eating; parenting

Most of the training was provided by Sai volunteers, with help from area professionals. The volunteers were all trained in SSEHV, and this was an integral part of the program. Sai devotees researched job leads for the women, and have also provided used furniture, household supplies, toiletries, computers and quilts, to help these families reestablish themselves.

This project has now moved to a new location to serve women who have been battered, and their children.

Doris Hampton, waddoris@swbell.net
Sumi Chakraverty, cschakraverty@gmail.com

Ladies’ Seva in South Africa

The Ladies’ Forum of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation of South Africa is currently involved in a few programs:

  • Skills development program, which serves the disadvantaged ladies from a village that has been adopted by the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation as part of their village uplift program
  • Wellness and lifestyle program, which serves only the devotees of the Sai Organisation and is run on a monthly basis in different regions in Kwa Zulu Natal. This is designed to help the Sai devotees to do better seva

These two programs have come a long way since their inception in early 2008. The dedication and commitment of the ladies is awe-inspiring. They willingly sacrifice the weekends to serve in this program because they truly believe that it is a program that will benefit whole communities for generations to come.

Apart from these two programs, the Ladies’ forum observes Ladies’ Day on the 19th of every month. This can either take the form of a seva, or workshops addressing women’s health issues, parenting, budgeting and a whole host of other issues to assist the ladies in their role in the Organisation. They are also involved in making school lunches in disadvantaged areas and they sew clothing for the AIDS orphans.

Contact: Savy Ramlall savyr@cinet.co.za