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Astrological Predictions for: July - December, 2016

by Dr. Mary Dixon

This interpretation can be read for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

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Aries Sun

March 22 - April 21 and Aries Rising

ARIES your energetic personality is ruled by the planet Mars. This fiery and spontaneous force has driven the leaders, explorers and warriors throughout the centuries toward progress. Its faster pace keeps you interested in change, new ideas and adventure. Currently, you are in a two year building trend in which you are encouraged to look to the practical and secure side of life. Move to accept positive, yet somewhat traditional, opportunities and be careful of more glamorous promises. July and August bring travel, career and educational events that let you shine. September reveals deception and irritations in the work place. October and November can be explosive and make decisions difficult. Try to stay out of the fray. December offers comfortable, new and attractive solutions. Incorporate your higher values into your everyday routines.

Taurus Sun

April 22 - May 21 and Taurus Rising

You prefer a slower pace which is ruled by the planet Venus as it travels through the energy of earth. There is a keen enjoyment of nature and beauty in all forms that gives you meditative moments during your daily activities. A stable civilization that cultivates its talents would be your perfect world. July brings reunions with family and friends but August and September are hard on your bank account. Watch for errors in automatic payments. September and October show organizations as unstable and travel could be risky. Changes in the workplace could benefit you. The stars show important legal matters that demand attention at that time also. Career and finances improve in November and December. An irritating situation at work moves away at year's end. Patience is your forte'.

Gemini Sun

May 22 - June 21 and Gemini Rising

Your quick mind soars through a multitude of thoughts and information. The planet Mercury, your ruler, moves through the energy of air to bring you instant data and ideas for the future. The sign of Gemini is the forerunner of all languages, education, and information collection since early man. Right now, there seems to be a block that keeps you from reaching agreements both professionally and personally. In August, you may decide to break off an association. Some stressful career days at this time also, but with patience September can bring healing to the situation. Finances need your attention in October and a friend needs your guidance. November and December bring reconciliation and more balance to your life. Single Geminis consider marriage in December. Other Geminis will enjoy many social activities and special times with children.

Cancer Sun

June 22 - July 21 and Cancer Rising

The Moon, intuitive, nurturer, mother/father and caretaker of humanity is your ruler. The strength of the family unit and service is the heritage of this sign. Though the watery crab is its modern symbol, the armor of the Amazon was Cancer's original emblem - protector of the home and the helpless. While July is filled with family and children's functions, August brings an angry situation to the work area. An unstable person may get out of control. Be vigilant regarding health concerns in August and September. Changes can occur quickly with partners and the workplace in October. Family situations require your attention. November and December restore balance in your life and finances improve. Strong Moon activity August through October may cause you to be over-emotional. Use your analytical brain to make decisions at that time.

Leo Sun

July 22 - August 21 and Leo Rising

Ruled by the Sun, you love being the center of attention. You have a persuasive ability that draws people to you. July favors fun activities with family and friends. The month of August, however, suggests that you need to be more cautious about a your own activities and activities of children as the planets indicate risks should be thought about and avoided. Concerns over finances start to fade in September as new projects involving your specialties, come your way. An adjustment in the economy in October and may effect you, if you are not prepared. But November has many opportunities, especially in education and sales. You may decide to change your job or location in December as opportunities elsewhere are greater. New partnerships are in the picture.

Virgo Sun

August 22 - September 21 and Virgo Rising

Your analytical and scientific brain is fueled by reasonable Mercury, which cannot make much sense of world conditions this year. Fairness and justice are part of your makeup but seem absent from the world of late. While July brings fun activities and local adventures, question everything in August and September. Confusion or even deception is in the picture. Home repairs and a family situation need your attention but these may not be resolved until November. October reveals secrets that help you make a decision. Be careful with finances and temper. November and December become more organized and under your control. However a new restriction can interfere with plans and an adjustment is necessary. As one of the earth signs, you need to spend more time with nature to receive balance and healing.

Libra Sun

September 22 - October 21 and Libra Rising

Libra Venus is your ruler which seeks the beauty of equality for all and mental harmony. Recently you have been seeking more peace through inner work and may have decided to change some areas of your life. Opportunities begin to come your way starting in September while July and August still require attention to duties and routines related to the past. Jupiter, wisdom and justice, enters Libra in September bringing positive energy and the confidence to speak out and express your views. Home repairs are needed in October and family tempers can flare around the 17th. November and December bring new opportunities to you. You may be asked to speak, educate and travel at that time. Your confidence will shine. An older person wants you to commit to a partnership or contract which brings more security.

Scorpio Sun

October 22 - November 21 and Scorpio Rising

Your energy is running full speed and without direction of late. Your usual thoughtfulness seems lost in the process of moving ahead. Ruled by Mars/Pluto energies, your enthusiasm can run high until watery Scorpio pulls you back to quiet reflection. August brings organization and responsibility that channel your stars to positive purposes. In fact, better finances, and improved working conditions set you on the right course to the success you truly want. Children and their needs require attention in August also. In September you enter a period of self discovery and spiritual discipline. The hidden side of things is your forte. October and the beginning of November brings a stressful situation with home and family that requires your  higher insights. A friend comes to stay a while in December bringing balance to your life.

Sagittarius Sun

November 22 - December 21 and Sagittarius Rising

Looking at both sides of a question without bias is part of your nature, but making decisions is hard for you. Nevertheless, you are beginning to see that you are being taken advantage of and are thinking about making a change. Jupiter, ruler of fire sign Sagittarius, will change course mid September and support your actions at that time. Tensions have been building up and you need to let off steam. In July and August family functions and travel  help you relax. In September, you move on to better activities. Some Sagittarians will change jobs while others withdraw from difficult people and projects. Trusted friends offer guidance. October is a month of regrouping and watching the budget. November and December bring balance to your life and many social activities make you happy; your self esteem is high.

Capricorn Sun

December 22 - January 21 and Capricorn Rising

Its been all about adjustments lately. Keeping up with home and career has been difficult. Your usual Saturn organizational talents aren't up to the chaos presented. Possible travel and social activities add relief in July, but a neighborhood situation is difficult. Strong energies move you to emphasize your inner work in August and September and people from your past get in touch. September can bring classes, teachers and books that work for now, but later prove ineffective as you progress beyond them. Be careful with risky situations in October when you can be a little accident prone. Use your common sense in all actions as a legal situation could be in the picture. November and December tend to smooth things out and finances improve. You will feel as though your energy has returned.

Aquarius Sun

January 22 - February 21 and Aquarius Rising

Support for your causes and projects is in the picture now and you will move forward to make a difference.Opportunity and fairness for all, is the Aquarian contribution to humanity. September gives you legal support and many organizations will consider your requests. Some promises for money will be honored, but some not. Ruled by Uranus, you can be impatient. Be sure money is in the bank before spending it. Career energies improve in September as an old situation clears. July and August are unfavorable for getting along with others and you may decide to drop a difficult person even though you are related. Traveling more often is in the picture at the end of the year and continues through the following year. November and December favor many areas of your life and decisions made at that time will be successful.

Pisces Sun

February 22 - March 21 and Pisces Rising

July and September bring unforeseen events regarding your career and you may feel that others have been untruthful. October will settle matters and more money is in the picture; get all proposals in writing however. Ruled by Neptune, you are a forgiving and understanding sign, but the planets are pushing you to stand up for yourself and see a situation for what it is. Trusting the wrong person in October could be risky. Stay away from temperamental people. You cannot change them. November and December energies turn you to more serious inner work and your spiritual sensitivities are enhanced. You could be asked to teach a class or participate in creative activities. November improves job circumstances and December brings positive people from your past for the holidays. You may be asked to represent a favorite cause in December and draw many supporters. Making a difference will make you happy.

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