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The Lighter Side

Astrological Predictions for: July - December, 2021

by Dr. Mary Dixon

This interpretation can be read for both your sun sign and your rising sign.

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Through this difficult time, the world is learning that what can happen in one country, can happen in all countries and that cooperation, tolerance and even love are the best policies for global survival. Every zodiac sign has its own unique way to address the issues of challenge and change.

Mary Dixon

Aries Sun

March 22 - April 21 and Aries Rising

The fire sign Aries feels truly handicapped without freedom of movement. Your quick and instinctual reactions to difficulties may be hard to suppress. Where possible, it is important for you to get out and be involved with the medical and healing programs of your community. You need to feel that you are a part of positive actions. For the most part, Aries usually have leadership roles in life and sharing decisions is not usually their strength. Cooperation with another's plans may be difficult. But this is a good time to learn teamwork from your opposite sign, Libra. Librans are inclusive and good at delegating or sharing ideas. Try to appreciate others' input over the next six months. Individual Aries will continue to benefit from jobs connected to government or large corporations. Expect financial issues to improve the second half of July. Social activities are cancelled or restricted in July. However, August brings positive work opportunities. Venus vibrations are in your stars throughout the summer. September and October are positive for charitable work and suggest that new friendships bring new opportunities. Expenses in November and December could run high, but the year's end suggests less pressure and more fun. Blue colours can create balance to your fiery nature.

Taurus Sun

April 22 - May 21 and Taurus Rising

The steady life path of the earth sign Taurus has had many interruptions over the last six months. It may be difficult for you to find mental rest. Do what you can to make adjustments and decisions necessary in your life to get by. But know that the stars will not be settled for you until next year. The two areas of focus, over the next six months, will be how you deal with disruptions and revisions in your personal life, and career pressures. Like your opposite sign of Scorpio, stay on your inner path and tread more deeply in that direction. Fortunately, the realm of spiritual values and prophetic dreams are quite active for you now. The many pressures of July seem to move away in August but changes in supervisors and company ownerships are suggested. August brings more creativity and financial improvement. Some of the changes you will have to make, seem to be working well in September. It is possible that you will receive a promotion mid-September. Stay on top of health issues in October. Taurus people will enjoy more social activities in October, but some friends may not be a positive influence. The months of November and December could be a repeat of July; in which case, you should remain cautious and trust your own inner voice over others. Year's end brings more hope and happiness to you. The colours of Purple and Rose can create balance to your fixed nature.

Gemini Sun

May 22 - June 21 and Gemini Rising

Managing many things at once is your talent, Gemini. Technology, new and quicker ways of doing things and all communication systems are your forte. The next several years will benefit your talents and when possible, travel will be more of a part of your life. As an air sign, freedom of thought and movement are important to you. But, with the current restrictions, you may be feeling limited in what you can do. Patience is not a natural part of your bright mind. Look to your opposite sign of Sagittarius, for better ways to get through current problems. Sagittarians have a strong sense of humour, as well as an affinity for looking to philosophic meanings for life events. While you are essentially a cooperative energy, your tolerance for slower paced people has its limits. This July will centre around siblings and local opportunities to serve. Difficulties with universal technologies may occur around the world and affect your work. Family issues are in the picture in August, and some of your decisions may be questioned. But people from your past including in-laws can help. Mid-September through October improves finances and job opportunities. This will be a very lucky period for you. Many Geminis will look seriously at marriage and other partnership opportunities. November and December will require some adjustments or compromises on your part. Try not to let small annoyances become major issues. The Green shades of nature can balance your stress.

Cancer Sun

June 22 - July 21 and Cancer Rising

Over the next six months, two areas of focus will be successful for you. The first is your continued involvement in education, travel, (when allowed) and spiritual or religious interests. The second area shows that some improvements in finances are positive in service or public work areas - especially with computer or tech skills. As a water energy, going through crisis situations can evoke strong emotions. These are not just for your own problems, but also for others and include their unhappiness too. Empathy and love for others creates a psychic bond here between you and those in trouble. You generally respond to others' needs before your own. You can balance overwhelming energies by looking to your opposite sign of Capricorn. Capricorns get busy with very practical activity that helps to serve in a crisis. This also gives them a sense of controlling the negative so that the needs of others can be addressed. The month of July is a mixed energy month in which you will feel that you are not moving forward. However, many spiritual vibrations will be around you and good teachers available. August will tend to set you back on track with emphasis on community and social activities. Some Cancers may see job improvements. Mid-September shows a strong connection with potential partners, both personal and business. Finances improve in October. November and December are positive for family, children and engagements. But business areas of life may have a setback until year's end. Midnight Blue and shades of Brown can help make you feel secure.

Leo Sun

July 22 - August 21 and Leo Rising

Leo, is the second fire sign of the zodiac. Your enthusiasm, sense of beauty and style make isolation difficult. Without others to share with, or an audience to shine for, life can become dull. The pandemic has been especially difficult for you. Hopefully, you have been able to take advantage of the time alone, for your spiritual practices and for exploring more of your creativity. Over the next six months, as many cultures begin to recover, you may find that much has changed. Old relationships, as well as career possibilities are not the same. For Leos, it is a time to break from many attachments - ideas, people and old plans. The stars encourage you to move forward in a more universal way by understanding your opposite sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is concerned with the needs of others, and based on those needs, can organise ways to address them. Your brightness and love can serve well in those categories. The month of July will emphasize what is wrong or not working in your life. August and September create new career opportunities. Some partnerships with new ideals that work for you, will resume mid-September and October. For most Leos, November will bring family or housing issues with a few ideas on how to solve them. But by the very end of November and into December a trusted friend helps to ease the situation. Finances seem to improve in November and December. Take advantage of spiritual retreats at this time. Sun yellow brings out your personality, but when you need to cooperate, wear muted blues and greys.

Virgo Sun

August 22 - September 21 and Virgo Rising

Your attention to details and natural scientific leanings, make it easier for you to adjust to a post pandemic world. You are fairly good at cooperating with others, but you tend to want to tidy up the details. The first half of Virgo birthdays, will enjoy opportunities in the technical fields, sciences, travel, and education. All Virgos will also come in contact with religious teachers and programmes. Some may be asked to serve in groups that try to solve problems.  The second half of Virgo birthdays will be involved in ecology and early education programmes, and many will become engaged or marry over the next six months. Those Virgos serving in medical fields should look to their opposite sign of Pisces for a pause in serious thinking. Pisces are creative thinkers who make time for clearing the factual mind and can drift, at will, to other levels of consciousness for peace and spiritual contact. In July, problems in the world may aggravate your work situation. Old friends may need your advice, but won't listen to it. In August, your physical and mental energies are strong and you will have good opportunities to improve conditions around you. The first ten days of September are positive for making agreements, and finances will improve. October continues to improve finances and health; however, the end of October could bring issues with children or their schools. November through mid-December could again bring world concerns that affect your work, health and plans. However, for most Virgos, opportunities for better communications and time with family will override these issues. Ocean colours calm your mind.

Libra Sun

September 22 - October 21 and Libra Rising

Libra, the natural arbitrator of the zodiac, your mind is always centred on how agreements can be made. You inspire cooperation from others. As an air sign, you are interested in all sides of an issue. Making final decisions however, may be difficult at times as you bring so much to bear on a single problem. Look to your opposite sign of Aries who can separate what is pertinent to a problem and move more quickly to a resolution. Now is the time for you to serve with others or represent others, in solving the many rising problems left by the pandemic. While you tend to enjoy quiet and peace of mind, the stars are calling on you to get involved. July and August show many opportunities for you to share your viewpoint and observations. A past associate may re-enter your life and finances improve for you. Late birthday Librans will consider partnerships and marriage-engagements mid-September, but may change their minds at the end of October. However, September and October bring good energies, and popularity to most Librans. Activities with children bring out your creative side. Be careful of finances and overspending in November and December as world energies could become chaotic. Mid-December again, brings a need for your values, outlook and observations. Muted reds give you focus.

Scorpio Sun

October 22 - November 21 and Scorpio Rising

Though the water sign of Scorpio is often associated with the sciences, your interest and ability to understand symbolism and metaphysics draws you more to the mystical life. Late birthday Scorpios may experience life altering moments from their inner work. Dreams, visions and creative incentives are strong in your life now. On the other hand, all Scorpios are facing many changes and issues in their practical lives. The focus of these difficulties is family, home, real estate, or neighbourhood. You will encounter changes and stress here as well as do a re-evaluation of your place in the lives of others. The opposite sign of Taurus, while facing similar dilemmas, has more patience and endurance than most Scorpios. Try to add these energies to your life over the next six months. The first half of July brings much discord with it and the world may experience some stressful adjustments as it tries to move forward. This changeable energy may affect careers and all partnerships. If possible, wait until the second half of July before making decisions. August and September bring more social times as well as work with charitable organizations and finances can improve. October and November see family situations improve, but not all information is understood regarding problems; mid-October reveals more. In November and December, your energies are strong and your warrior side is revealed. You will speak out regarding what you feel is wrong and what your solutions are. The second half of December shows more calmness and peace in your world. Shades of Rose and Magenta balance your personality, but wear Crimson in November and December.

Sagittarius Sun

November 22 - December 21 and Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius is the third fire sign of the zodiac. Isolation with little contact from others is also difficult for you. You are definitely a "people" person. You enjoy many friends and group participation. The next six months emphasize cooperation and service to others as communities try to re-build, both economically and medically. As a double sign, it is now important for you to focus on the wisdom side of yourself. That side, seeks fairness and values in all actions. Unlike your opposite sign of Gemini that changes focus quite frequently, curb your restlessness and complete what is needed. Saturn, the planet of longevity of purpose, favours and helps you now. Wear late sunset colours to attract its energies. You will be closer to your family; brothers and sisters may step in to help in projects. Some family disagreements in July will fade away. But a long-term issue remains. Travel, both local and distant, occurs in July as well as projects with children. Communications are positive for you all year. August and September bring minor dilemmas in career, but by mid-September, things smooth over. In September and October, many opportunities come for you, through groups, friends and neighbours. New friendships will be formed at this time. Push for what you want in October. While November and December can bring discord around the globe it may not affect your plans. Use analytical judgement in making decisions. Take care of all health concerns. December will bring many opportunities for you, but you may have to wait until the second half of the month to act on them.

Capricorn Sun

December 22 - January 21 and Capricorn Rising

You are the third earth sign of the zodiac and like Taurus, you do not like change. You are also a person who saves things for later needs. Now might be the time to use what you have extra, or share it with others. Pluto, the planet of transformation, is and will be in your sign for several more years. You may find that you are assessing both your inner and outer life and deciding what works for you and what does not. You are also looking at moving into stronger dimensions of spiritual thought and experience. You can make positive and thought-filled changes for yourself with your innate patience. Unlike your opposite sign of Cancer, you can set your emotions aside to make decisions. The planet Neptune is also favourable to you for several more years and will create opportunities for you to experience and express your visions in classrooms and groups. Wear ocean colours to attract its energies. The beginning of July is not positive for finances or friends, but mid-month runs more smoothly. August and September emphasize education, travel and legal affairs. Partnerships and marriage interests are still strong. Your mind seems clear and your plans favourable. Finances improve in September and October with better career opportunities. Avoid making decisions the second half of October as the planets are changeable. The eclipse of November nineteenth could bring unexpected changes. November brings work with charities and social events, while December brings more dedication to your inner life goals.  

Aquarius Sun

January 22 - February 21 and Aquarius Rising

Since all the action of the next several years is in your sign, you may find that part of your time will be used in helping to make changes for a better world. However, part of your time will also be addressing blocks to those changes and trying to stabilize life between the two. As the third air sign of the zodiac, you do your best within an aura of freedom. Now, however, you may find that strong organizational skills and guidelines from others are a better help in getting the job done. Try to combine new thoughts with old ways, and wisdoms. Like your opposite sign of Leo, lighten the atmosphere with social and personal contacts. Wear spring colours. Early February Aquarians will have many changes in their lives over the next six months. Family and housing issues will require some of their time. Satisfactory solutions may not occur. Patience and non-attachment may work the best, especially in July and November. Disagreements with others in July require patience but work opportunities are positive. Finances improve in August and September. Minor heath issues can flare up in September. A major reunion with someone from the past also occurs mid-September and could bring better career opportunities. October brings major, positive, stellar energies that include travel, communication projects and social functions. November through mid-December show a lot of conflict in business spheres around the world but many of your hopes and wishes come through in the second half of December.

Pisces Sun

February 22 - March 21 and Pisces Rising

Technology enters your life in a strong way and you may feel concerned that old values and rituals may be forgotten. You will find many mid-ways to keep the past intact while learning new techniques and skills. Your stars show that you will teach this combination to others. Always remember the past and its inner meanings. You will also begin to look at your life and analyse what works for you and what doesn't. Your emotions can keep you tied to negative situations because you have a kind heart. But like your opposite sign of Virgo, the stars are calling you to look at your life in an analytical way and perhaps move away from draining situations. Many positive transitions for you. July is good for career opportunities, but health concerns also need to be attended to. August and September may bring disagreements with loved ones. However, the stars show that their ideas may be positive for you, if you put your own spin on them. October is better for finances and opportunities to work with someone from the past, look positive. A retreat or meditative classes invite you to relax in October. The second half of November brings spiritual creative forces into your life. Your intuition will be strong. It is also a good time to put action into your plans. December shows a major opportunity for career, but with some difficult circumstances. At this time, it is best to join new people and organizations, rather than those you have known before. Wear colours of the night sky for balance and stability.

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