Mother Sathya Sai


God’s Love Affair with Creation

by Karen Chenowith

Swami it’s starting to happen.

You are turning base metal into pure gold.

“Three billion years to liberation my child,”

These are the words you were told.

Aren’t you glad that you’ve wanted

To know this incredible bliss?

How many times have I reminded you

With a touch, a hug, and a kiss?

Your spiritual journey unfolds.

Think not that it only stays here.

Through the doorway of enlightenment I guide you,

Every moment each day of the year.

To realms of exquisite pure glory

Where you create and unfold divinity.

This universe God’s mansion and playground,

The place you discover your Godhood, your treasure, your identity.

At the core of your innermost being is love power.

The source manifesting all.

Believe it, have faith in this truth,

Spiritual consciousness unites, short, wide, and tall.

From my being I brought forth this creation,

A love affair magnificent and grand.

You are the fingers, which dance,

Attached to the almighty supreme hand.

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