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April 2017


1. The First Step

  • The Guru warns and wakens. He reveals the Truth and encourages you to progress towards it. Unless you have the yearning, the questioning heart, the seeking intelligence, he cannot do much. The hungry can be fed; he who has no hunger will discard food as an infliction. The Guru is a gardener, who will tend the plant; but, the sapling must have sprouted before he can take charge.
  • BABA (The First Step, Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume V)


2. Thought for the Day

  • The pilgrim must traverse and go beyond the vast wastelands of worldly desires, overcome the thick slushy overgrowths of anger and hate and negotiate the cliffs of ego and malice, so that he can relax on the lush green pastures of Harmony and Love. Having thus become master of his inner foes, he must rest in the silence of his inner heart, with all the agitations of his inner realm stilled. When the seeker is fixed thus in the undisturbed calm of his deepest consciousness, the flame of wisdom lights itself. At that moment the seeker realises that he is one with the Universe, that he is the individual Brahman.
  • BABA (Thought for the Day, Diwali, ‘09)


3. Ladies Day Discourse 1995

  • Women have been responsible whether at home or abroad to bringing peace and harmony in the country. Women have the strength of mind and the courage to fight for the country and bring about harmony and peace.
  • BABA (Ladies Day Discourse 1995)


4. The Right Attitude of the Devotee

  • The right attitude of the devotee should be one of total surrender. As a devotee declared, “I have nothing I can call my very own. I am offering the heart that you have given me, back to you. All are yours. I offer to you what is yours.” As long as the spirit of total surrender is not developed, man will have to be born again and again. One should offer one’s heart to the Divine and not be content with offering flowers and fruits.
  • BABA


5. Well or Ill

  • When a man suffers from acute stomach pain, his eyes water. Why ? Because, the various organs – eye, stomach etc. – are all of the same body. So too, when one man suffers, your eyes must shed tears and you must be urged to alleviate it. This will happen if you know that you and he are limbs of the self-same Divine Body.
  • BABA (Well or Ill, Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. V)


6. Friends You Need

  • Only those deserve the name ‘Friends’ who help in uplifting life, cleansing ideals, elevating emotions and strengthening resolves. Those who drag you into pomp, pedantry, paltry entertainment and petty pranks are Enemies, not Friends. Look into the very soul, the inner motives and motivator, the deeper aspirations and achievements, and then, yield your loyalty to such.
  • BABA (Friends You Need, Sathya Sai Baba Speaks, Vol. VIII)


7. Give and Gain

  • If one loses wealth, he may regain it, by some ruse or the other. If he loses health, some doctor may prescribe a tonic to win it back. If one loses status and authority, he may, by sheer pluck, regain them. If Virtue is lost however, it is lost forever; nothing can restore the pristine purity. So one has to be ever vigilant and never slacken.
  • BABA (Give and Gain, Sathya Sai Baba Speaks Vol. VIII)


8. The Greatest of the Virtues is Love

  • The greatest of the virtues is Love. Love is the basis of character. You may have all other desirable things in plenty; but if you have no character, i.e, virtue which is all strung on Love, you can have no genuine peace. Money comes and goes, but morality? It comes and grows! Morality has to be grown in the heart by feeding it with Love. Then only can we have justice, security, law and order. If Love declines amongst the people, nations will weaken and mankind will perish.
  • BABA (Give and Gain, Sathya Sai Baba Speaks Vol. VIII)


9. Ladies Day Discourse, 1995

  • Today the woman must take a step forward with determination, go forward courageously, follow the path of truth and bring all prosperity and peace to the nation and the world at large.
  • BABA (Ladies Day Discourse, 1995)


10. Humility, Purity of Thought

  • Humility, purity of thought and manners, meekness, surrender to high ideals, sensitivity, sweetness of temper – the peculiar blend of all these qualities is modesty.
  • BABA (Dharma Vahini)

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