Medical Camps Distribution of Baby Kits - A Special Thanks

January 23, 2012

We would like to thank the devotees from many countries who continue to bring us baby kits for distribution to newborns through our medical camps. These devotees are taking such care, stitching and knitting and embroidering and packing beautiful items for babies. Among the groups who have helped in this way for several years, we would especially like to applaud the Amsterdam devotees for bringing so many baby sets, and for even participating in our medical camps.

One of these devotees from Holland, Mrs. Sari, along with her friend Mrs. Nelie, wrote about her experience at the medical camp:

“We are two ladies from Holland. Every time we come to Prasanthi Nilayam, we bring with us as many packets of baby clothes as possible. These baby clothes are made in our country with lots of love, and not only by Sai devotees.

“For many years there was a group of mostly elderly ladies from a church in a village nearby the city where we live. They had heard about the project from us, and they were very enthusiastic. They knitted at least one hundred vests, caps and socks.

“With our own Baba group we have also sewed many baby clothes with a lot of joy. Every week we gathered in the house of one of the devotees and we worked hard while also having a beautiful satsangh. By telling about the project we found out that it is like throwing a stone in the water. More and more people came to know about it and started to knit or sew.

“So, this time we brought sixteen very nice-looking baby-vests. We do hope the young mothers will like them as much as we do, and will be happy with their pretty-looking babies.

“This project must always continue!

“P.S. Today we have visited the Easwaramma Mother and Child project in Puttaparthi. We were happy to see the small babies wearing the nice and warm-looking clothes!”

Puttaparthi, 23 January 2012

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